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For those with a love of the ocean, the energy of heavy swells colliding with barren cliffs‭, those sharp Atlantic winds which swiftly prune ocean waves and the salty dew that settles on our lush coastline‭.‬

Keynvor amber candles are mixed and hand-poured by the sea in Cornwall, they use recycled labels and unique eco lids to lock in the fragrance, then each candle is finished with an eco box, creating the perfect gift for someone or yourself.

Seafarer Candle - Keynvor

  • Top‭: ‬Sea Spray‭ /‬ Bergamot

    Middle‭: ‬Fir Needle‭ / ‬Sage

    Base‭: ‬Oud‭ / ‬Sea Salt

  • The fragrance will scent a mid-sized room for approximately 37 hours.

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